Melanie Mar Love offers an exclusive, boutique matchmaking service, catering to an elite clientele of business executives, top tier professionals and public figures. Our clienteles privacy is of utmost importance and our members dating life will always remain private and confidential. 


We believe that finding true love is one of the most important things in life and  there is someone special for everyone. In today’s society, more and more people are turning to matchmakers as they look for a qualified mate for a long-term, committed relationship that may eventually lead to marriage. 


At Melanie Mar Love, we understand that effective matchmaking is highly personal, which is why we take the time to get to know every one of our clients individually. Once we understand what is most important to them in an ideal mate, we can carefully handpick potential matches most suited to our clients needs from our extensive database.


We know that your time is premium which is why we act as a personal agent for your love life, working effectively behind the scenes with discretion, so that you can get on with your busy day-to-day schedule.


Melanie Mar Love will do our utmost to find you your perfect match. All we ask for in return is for our clients to be sincere and honest with us in what it is they desire in a partner. You must feel safe to share with us your feelings. Open your heart and mind and let us guide you. And always remember, love is waiting on you; you just might need a little help trying to find it.


Melanie Mar Love is an exclusive and private matchmaking service. Members are selected after an exhaustive interview and investigation of personal information submitted for review. Those who would apply for the unique services offered by Melanie Mar Love are accepted as a client only after the management is satisfied that there is a reasonable probability that the service can be effective. Even then there is no express or implied warranty that a life partner can or will be found. Results will vary. Melanie Mar Love does not do background checks. Members understand that a suitable date for him/her may not be located in close proximity to that member. As such members understand that he/she may be required to travel some distance to meet the prospective date. Based upon the experience of its past success, Melanie Mar Love can only show you the way to find the life partner you are searching for. Melanie Mar Love is not responsible for arranging dates for members or for ensuring that members proceed to a date. Without limiting the foregoing, Melanie Mar Love does not guarantee that members will proceed to a date or that members will find a partner. Melanie Mar Love is a private matchmaking service. Melanie Mar Love has the right to refuse service to anyone. Melanie Mar Love is not responsible for lost, stolen or pirated photos. Submitting a photo and application does not guarantee admittance into the service, nor does it guarantee a match, or your photo on the website. Professional photos are encouraged and 'snapshots' are not accepted. A referral to a photographer, a photography service or any service, company, individual or website by Melanie Mar Love for any service or item (including photos) does not guarantee admittance into the service nor the item or service that was referred.