Melanie is probably the most incisive people person I have ever known. Her interpersonal communications skills are without equal and she has the ability to get to the heart of relationships and provide answers to questions that are rarely raised. In this world of so many challenges it is comforting to know that Melanie has it covered when it comes to your love life.
- Peter Engel, Executive Producer, Santa Monica

Melanie has the incredible ability to strongly enhance communication, within any type of relationship, so that what really matters to all parties is brought right up to the surface in such an elegant way; I am exceptionally grateful to have Melanie as my advisor.
- Paul Lynn, Managing Director, London


I was always reluctant to confide my personal problems with anyone, but, Melanie came highly recommended and I was desperate to save my failing relationship with my boyfriend. With her dedicated patience and logical approach Melanie resolved our “hot-button’ issues. One of my happiest days was annoucing that we were getting married. I now have a beautiful, loving relationship with my husband. Ever so grateful to Melanie and her wisdom.
- Marie Larsen, Housewife, Dallas

Melanie has been amazing to work with – she really helped me understand the fundamental issues with my relationship…what I wanted and needed from it. She helped me communicate with my partner in a loving manner and showed me that although men and women ask for what they want in different ways – we could learn to understand each other’s needs and both get what we want from our relationship.
- Andrew Graves, Engineer, Los Angeles

Melanie has the wonderful ability of being the consummate professional while maintaining genuine warmth and care. Offering a safe and secure enviroment i found it very easy to share my life issues with her . With Melanie’s help I realized that things are a lot less complicated than we like to make them out to be and by implimenting her skills I have learned to approach things in a different manner, a better manner, thanks to her guidance I now enjoy a happier relationship and life. Thank you!
Zeta Kearney, Events Manager, London




I strongly recommend Melanie to anyone with relationship issues, i personally don’t know what i would have done without her. She clarified what I should be doing in order to attract the right relationship for me. She patiently assisted me through my personal confusion and clearly aided me in the right direction about dating that led to my successful marriage. Melanie offers a great invaluable coaching service.
- Steven Hershman, Insurance Broker, Redondo Beach